Kosher Certification

Kosher certification is a process that ensures that products are manufactured, processed, and handled by Jewish dietary law. Food companies can quickly increase their sales by ensuring their products are kosher compliant.

Kosher laws are more complicated than they seem, especially now that modern technology has come into play. Take for instance, potato chips, which you’d think would be kosher since they aren’t made from foods forbidden by the Torah. Potato chips can actually be considered non-kosher if they are fried in vegetable oil that was pasteurized and deodorized with equipment that has been used for tallow production.


Kosher certification services are an important process in the food industry. It helps in defining the quality and safety of food products. With the growing demand for kosher certification and kosher supervision services, it has become an important area of operations for our kosher certification agency. Kosher certification is a mandatory and essential step for businesses that want their products and services to be kosher certified. We have a team of best-qualified professionals to provide kosher certification / kosher supervision services.