IEC 17025 Certification

ISO/IEC 17025 was first issued in 1999 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It is the single most significant standard for calibration and testing laboratories everywhere the world. Laboratories that are accredited to this international standard have demonstrated that they are technically capable and able to produce exact and accurate test and/or calibration data.

The standard involves of general, structural, resource, procedure, and management system necessities. The general, structural, and management system necessities relate primarily to the operation and efficiency of the laboratory’s quality management system and the laboratory organization itself. The resource and procedure necessities comprise factors that determine the correctness and reliability of the tests and calibrations the laboratory conducts.

If you are willing to take the challenge of obtaining an ISO/IEC 17025 certification, our specialists will confirm a qualitative experience where your essentials will be met, and you will become part of our worldwide network family.

Benefits of IEC 17025

  • Better control of laboratory operations and feedback to laboratories as to whether they have sound Quality Assurance System and are technically capable.
  • Clients can search and recognize the laboratories accredited by The Accreditation Member Body for their exact necessities from their website or Directory of Accredited Laboratories.
  • Growth of confidence in Testing/ Calibration data and of personnel performing work.
  • Potential growth in business due to improved client confidence and satisfaction.
  • Constantly improving data quality and laboratory efficiency.
  • Users of accredited laboratories will enjoy better access for their products, in both domestic and global markets, when tested by accredited laboratories.
  • Developed national and worldwide reputation and image of the laboratory.
  • Savings in terms of time and money due to decrease or removal of the need for re-testing of products.