5S Certification

5S Certification may be as informal as making your own reward when your workplace first passes its internal 5S Audit, but it is an essential element in having a complete and successful 5S environment.

5S was originally developed in Japan as part of Just-in-Time manufacturing methods. Now, 5S is being applied to a wide variety of industries. It has extended from manufacturing to healthcare, education, government, and more. The 5S Concept certification, available exclusively through the Management and Strategy Institute, will give you an understanding of 5S methodology and how it is applied in the workplace.

This course examines the progressive environmental impacts of 5S and how you can use it to become a more sustainable organization. It also clarifies the position and structure of 5S Teams; who should be involved, who benefits most and how to get the largest results from your 5S struggle.

Benefits of 5S Certification

  • Quality – With the application of 5S, there is a designated place for everything that is necessary, and all the items fit into their own space, thereby reducing mistakes and errors in getting hold of the necessary item. This in turn decreases wastage of time, and also progresses the quality of work.
  • Safety – With the elimination of clutter, it is obvious that any and all types of hazardous and dangerous conditions will become noticeable. This will support to deal with them and avoid, or at least decrease, any kinds of accidents or negative incidents to occur.
  • Productivity – 5S supports in rejecting waste in terms of items, tools, machinery, and equipment; and in turn systems, procedures, time, and struggles. All of this subsequently results in enhanced productivity, improved uptime, and higher effectiveness.
  • Company image – Finally, with all of the above achieved that includes quality, productivity, safety, employee morale, and a prepared workplace, an improved image of the organization is generated, which results in improved business and growth.
  • Employee morale – Involving all the employees in the procedures of 5S also permits their inputs and suggestions for further development of the workplace and its procedures and maintenance. This involvement boosts their employee morale and motivates them to work better, thus further attractive the productivity in the workplace.